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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Our Story

Once Upon a Time

Learn More About Us

Blake Andrew Baird

  • Most people would comment on how tall Blake is. He is 6″5
  • Blake played D2 College basketball and even won a National Championship.
  • Currently, Blake is an Enterprise Account Executive
  • Blake is from Kansas, lived in San Diego for 6 years, and knew he always wanted to move back.

Madelaine Tracy Aviles

  • Madelaine is her name but also known as Madel. (muh-del)
  • She is 100% Filipino and can speak Tagalog fluently.
  • She loves graphic design. Currently she is the Head of Design for an ad agency.
  • She loves to travel and never stay at home.

Our Story Started...

His Story

The first thing that stood out to me when I met Madel was how beautiful and sweet she was. You’d think with a first time meeting that there might be some awkwardness or shyness in the beginning as you feel each other out. With her, everything came naturally. She was so friendly and easy to talk to that we spent the entire 3 hours just talking in our own little world. From there things progressed pretty quickly. She became my girlfriend after a whole 5 months! And now here we are after only 7 years getting married. Okay friends & family, in all fairness we were both broke and moved to California 3 years into our relationship. It took us a few years to build a stable foundation so that I could propose. I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way. Over the past 7 years she has become my best friend and taught me how to love unconditionally. She’s funny, smart, kind, caring and incredibly hard-working. We share the same goals, hopes and dreams for the future and can’t wait to add to our story.

Her Story

I remember the night when I read Blake’s message to me on the dating site. I had a long day at work and was getting ready for bed. I read his message on my iPad and I remember thinking to myself, “this dude is funny.” I replied back and we had a great conversation! I could tell he was a goofball at heart. 7 years later… he has not changed! LOL. The night I invited him to go out was just a normal weekend for me. I went out with my friends in downtown Minneapolis. I knew Blake lived in Minneapolis and since he helped me work through my final tough days of college I told him to come help me celebrate! Well, poor Blake didn’t know I was the fancy clubber type and he didn’t wear the right outfit! He couldn’t go inside the club because of his casual shoes. Luckily, the club was connected to a restaurant and that’s where we talked all night! My first reaction about him was that he was super handsome! I also noticed he had a strong Kansas accent…but later on I found out it was not a Kansas accent but a Blake accent haha. It took a while for Blake and I to make it official. His family and friends would tease us all the time that we should make it official. Well after 5 months of hanging out and talking, Blake asked me to be his girlfriend. The next 7 years was full of adventures. It’s the one of the many reasons why I love Blake so much! If it’s walking around new areas to people watch, trying out a new restaurant in town, traveling around the world, or moving to the west coast just because – we were always in it together!

Our Memory Gallery

Our Adventures

Our First Picture Together

A night out around January 2013 in Downtown Minneapolis. Blake was 24 years old and Madel was 21 years old.

Celebrating our First Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2013 - Blake took Madel out for some Hibachi. Surprised Madel with some flowers & chocolates while they listened to the top 20 love songs on the radio.

Our First Trip Together

It was April 2013 where we weren't even ``official`` but Blake invited Madel to come to see his family & hometown – Kansas City, KS.

First Concert, John Legend!

Blake and Madel love going to concerts. Their first one was John Legend just before he got super super big. They had amazing seats!!

Blake's Super Long Hair

Can we just talk about how Madel dated Blake with his long hair. haha

Moving to San Diego in 2016

In Feb 2016, Blake and Madel decided to move to the Westcoast...just because they love the beach so much! Currently, they still live there!

Blake Turning 30!

Celebrating Blake's 30th birthday in the Carribean on a cruise. This was in Aruba!

Visiting Europe for the First Time

If you didn't know. Blake and Madel love to travel and explore. In May 2019 they did a Europe trip in Italy, Croatia and Greece!

The Proposal

September 01, 2019

Every year since Blake and Madel have moved to California (3 years ago) …they would fly back to Minnesota during Labor Day weekend to go to the Minnesota State Fair. Blake’s family also makes the trip to the State Fair from Kansas. It became a yearly tradition! Who knew that this year it would be extra special!

During that day Madel came back from Denver for a wedding. She landed in Minnesota in the morning and started to get ready for the day at the fair. Madel didn’t really want to wear make-up and just wanted to enjoy the food in her comfy clothes. Well her sister, Desiree told her to look extra cute so that we could take fun pictures! Well if you know Madel it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to persuade her to look cute. Without hesitation, Madel started digging for an outfit.

When heading to the fair – Madel’s mom couldn’t go because she was still recovering from her surgery. She asked Madel, “later in the afternoon can we please walk around the Stone Arch bridge so we can relax together?” Madel made it a goal to not leave her mom & dad alone all day and to make sure to leave on time in the afternoon to hang out with them. During the fair, Madel met up with Blake and his family. They have been there for a while so we only saw each other for a bit. Little did Madel know it’s because Blake had a special night planned for her.

In the afternoon, Blake and his family said they were going to the Stone Arch bridge too. Madel thought it was just a coincidence and how awesome it was to hang out altogether. We met up and started taking pictures. That’s when Blake went down on his knee to ask Madel to marry her.